Joe (from Long Island), Steve (Connecticut), and Jesse (from London, England) met while attending art school in Brooklyn, NY. John Lynch was recruited on drums and in 1988 Yuppicide was formed.

Yuppicide’s songs have consistently dealt with issues of: questioning authority, censorship, and problematic relationships. With lyrics that encompasses various characters (assassins to anorexic teenage girls) Yuppicide has rarely walked the common hardcore path.

Their first full length: “Fear Love” (Wreck-Age) was released in 1990,after which they toured through Europe for 7 weeks building a strong fan base that has stayed with them ever since. Their second full length: “Shinebox” was released in 1993 (Wreck-Age), and marked a stylistic progression, aided by the addition of a new drummer: Pete Guinan. By their third full length release: “Dead man walking” (Wreck-Age), Yuppicide had carved out a niche all their own, with songs that had elements of punk, and the power of hardcore, but a style that was solely Yuppicide!

Yuppicide called it quits in 1998 due to growing work and family responsibilities. Fast forward to 2010 and the band started to discuss a possible Anthology release or all their now out of print material. Cus Joe from Black N Blue Productions also offered Yuppicide a spot on the 2010 Black N Blue Bowl line up, and the reunion seed was planted! Coming back with a new drummer: Jay “Gringo Star” Rogan (Caught in a Trap, The Muggs, Eyes of Hate), Yuppicide went on a 16 day tour to promote the new ’88-’98 Anthology released on Dead City Records.

Yuppicide decided to continue playing and began working on new material, the result is the 6 song American Oblivion EP (release date 09/02/2012).

Energized both by the warm reception of the band’s commemorative 2010 double CD, ’88-’98 Anthology, and the permanent addition of Jay “Gringo Starr” Rogan on drums, ‘American Oblivion’ EP marks the first Yuppicide studio effort in 14 years. The long-awaited release will be available as a limited-edition CD and 12” vinyl with color booklet including lyrics, rare photos, art and more, and digitally through most online retailers.

‘American Oblivion’ was recorded by NYHC fixture, Glen Lorieo, at Manhattan’s, Night Owl Studios. The result is a raw blast of everything Yuppicide is best known for: speed, intensity, drive, sincerity and a dogged determination to carving its own path through the punk/hardcore world.

In early 2015 Yuppicide started recording their first full length in almost 20 years! The result is Revenge Regret Repeat, 11 songs of hardcore punk that show that this band hasn’t mellowed with age. Produced and engineered  by Glen Lorieo, the band took their time to finess the songs while keeping their raw energy.

You can read an in depth interview from German zine  Trust Zine here:

Yuppicide shot by Shelby Gates

Photo by Shelby Gates


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